Citta di Castello

villa_rental_umbria_citta_di_castello_03Citta’ di Castello is a thriving market town in the north of Umbria, in an area known as the Upper Tiber Valley.  Founded by Umbri tribes, the Romans called it Tifernum Tiberinum or Civitas Tiberina (City on the Tiber) which is the river that flows across Italy and down to Rome. During the medieval times, the city was fought over, conquered, lost and conquered several times finally falling under Papal control and becoming known as Civitas Castelli (City of the Castles) or Citta’ di Castello.

villa_rental_umbria_citta_di_castello_01It’s interesting history is reflected in the mix of buildings and architecture throughout the town. Famous for its medieval Town Hall, round bell tower and Palazzo Vitelli (dating back to the 1400s), the town is really worth a visit.

Enjoy wandering through the cobbled streets and really getting a feel of what traditional Italian life is all about.  Local shops, coffee bars, restaurants and trattorias abound and at around 6pm each day, the Corso (main street) comes alive with the locals taking their passeggiata and catching up on the days news with friends and family.

villa_rental_umbria_citta_di_castello_02There is a market every Thursday and Saturday with a covered fruit & vegetable and fish market as well.

Citta’ di Castello is just 15 minutes from Villa Bastiola making it a perfect trip for a morning out, taking in the market and enjoying a coffee in on one of the bars on the central square or head in later for an aperitivo followed by a meal in one of the excellent restaurants.