Covid-19 Friendly Booking Conditions

Exceptional booking conditions

Villa with pool in UmbriaAs a result of the ongoing uncertainty worldwide because of the Covid-19 virus, Villa Bastiola is pleased to offer our guests more friendly booking terms and conditions for 2020.

For any bookings made for summer or autumn 2020, Villa Bastiola will not ask for payment in advance.   Providing that guests are able to travel and the villa is open to host, full payment will be due just one week prior to arrival.

Cleaning and disinfecting

rent apartments with pool in UmbriaVilla Bastiola will be deep cleaned between each booking based on advice from the WHO and government guidelines. All surfaces will be double cleaned (cleaned first with hot water and detergent and then cleaned again with an alcohol-based anti-viral agent) giving priority to all high-touch and horizontal areas.

High-touch areas include all handles, horizontal surfaces (worktops and loo seats), rubbish bins, chair backs and mirrors etc.  Any food packaging or bottles in the welcome pack will also have been wiped clean with anti-viral spray.

These extra procedures will take time so please check with us regarding arrival and departure times at the villa.

Advice and tips for staying safe

Day trip to Bevagna

  • Face masks are currently required in Italy when you go into a shop, restaurant or busy place.
  • Remember to keep a safe distance of at least 1.5m (2m is better if possible)
  • Don’t shake hands when greeting people
  • Clean hands regularly especially after touching handles or surfaces
  • Disinfect surfaces like doorknobs, tables and light switches regularly
  • Avoid touching your face and cover sneezes and coughs
  • Keep air flow through the villa by having windows open when possible
If you are feeling sick while at Villa Bastiola

Rent villa with pool in Umbria

  • Stay at the villa and let us know
  • The rest of your group should isolate at the villa too
  • We will work out the best plan of action together to get you home as soon as it is possible to do so
  • Remember to pack a thermometer so that you can measure your temperature