Monte Santa Maria Tiberina

monte-santa-maria-tiberinaMonte Santa Maria Tiberina has an incredibly long name for one of the tiniest hilltop towns in the Upper Tiber Valley!  The photo to the left is taken from Villa Bastiola (holiday villa for rent in Umbria) and is the peak in the distance with the castle tower silhouetted against the skyline.

It’s worth a visit – just 20 minutes drive from the villa – as it has the most amazing views all over Umbria and Tuscany and there are charming cobbled streets to stroll around and a lovelymonte-santa-maria-festa-autunno restaurant and bar in the centre of the village.

The Monte (as it is locally known!) is the highest peak for miles around – wherever you go in the area you can always get your bearings from the castle which you can always see against the skyline!

Every autumn, the village comes alive when it holds the annual Festa D’Autunno or Autumn Festival.  The Festival runs from around the 14th to 16th October with lots of events taking place.  There are stalls selling local produce and crafts, flagthrowers, medieval processions and traditional Italian music as well as a dinner in the Castle itself (still owned and recently restored by the Bourbons of the Monte) at 9pm on the first evening with original recipes from the 1600s…!!!

It’s a great chance to join with the locals and really get a feel of how they still celebrate and maintain their ancient traditions and customs today.