Visit Bevagna!

If you stay at Villa Bastiola, a day trip to visit Bevagna is highly recommended. Hopefully the photos below will speak for the beauty of Bevagna, a village in the heart of the Vale of Umbra dating back to Roman and medieval times (and before, to the ancient Umbri).

The central piazza is a jewel of medieval architecture and the walls encircling the village date back to the medieval period. The Roman washing area is still used by the locals where they wash their clothes in the waters of the Teverone, sharing the latest gossip.

Bevagna is 40 mins by car from Villa Bastiola and well worth a day trip. Take in a couple of local cantinas (vineyards) as well, as this is the heart of the Umbrian wine growing region (Arnaldo Caprai, Antonelli, Schiacciadiavoli to name a few) and pop up to Montefalco for stunning views over the valley.

For more information on Bevagna, please click on this link to Italy Magazine.