Visit Montone in UmbriaVisit Montone in Umbria! Montone is a gorgeous, medieval hilltop town, just 15 minutes drive from Villa Bastiola.  Named one of the 100 most beautiful villages in Italy, you will discover why as you take a walk through this enchanting village.

Unlike many of the other small villages in the area, Montone’s medieval history is not as turbulent, coming under the control of legendary mercenary, Braccio Fortebraccio di Montone, although it did end up being annexed to the Papal States in the early 1600s like most of the other towns.

Visit Montone in Umbria Follow the winding road up the hillside to the village at the top. There are several car parks and parking along the walls of the town. Definitely best to explore Montone by foot as that way you can get to see the gorgeous cobbled streets and beautiful architecture and really get a feel of life in Montone, plus the views are spectacular.

The central piazza is the hub of Montone and there are a couple of bars perfect for coffee, ice-creams or aperitivo while watching daily life unfold.

Visit Montone in UmbriaIn Autumn, the streets of Montone come alive with the Festa del Bosco (woodland festival) with stalls and shops selling the best of Umbrian fare including hot roasted chestnuts and vino novello (the new wine!).

In summer, you can enjoy the Umbrian Film Festival when a huge screen is set up in the square and films are shown daily – it’s a wonderful atmosphere!

Donazione della Santa Spina in MontoneIn August, the village comes alive with the “Donazione della Santa Spina” (the Donation of the Holy Thorn), a symbol of the Passion of Christ. The three districts in Montone (Borgo, Monte and Verziere) reproduce scenes of medieval life and hold archery competitions, in order to win the palio (historical athletic contest) and the Lady of the Castle, Margherita Malatesta di Rimini, wife of Count Charles, who governed Montone in the absence of her husband.

Take in the ruins of the Rocca di Braccio, the Museum of San Francesco and the Chiesa di Sant’Agnese and stroll through the winding, cobbled streets of the Centro Storico.

Visit Montone in Umbria and enjoy a morning or afternoon trip when you stay at Villa Bastiola!

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